High Flow M3 Series china cartridge filter for cartridge filter housing

High Flow M3 Series Filter Cartridges are made from depth fine PP or GF non-woven fabrics.The filter has a big diameter of 6 inch/152mm and no inner core, single open.The inside to outside flow pattern ensure that all the particles will be intercepted at the inside of the filter.The long service life and high flow rate result in low investment and less manpower in many applications.

Products Details

Product characteristics:
•  High filtration area, high flow rate.
•  With depth fine non-woven fabrics and scientific design, the filter has a good structure which has high dirt holding capacity, and result in long service life.
• 100% PP material makes the filter cartridge got excellent chemical compatibility. It is suitable for various liquid filtration.
Product specification:
Dimension: [Removal Rating]: 0.5um,1um,3um,5um,10um,20um,50um,75um,100um
[Length]:20"(508mm), 40"(1016mm), 60"(1524mm)
[OD]: Ø 152mm
Material of Constructions: [Media]: Polypropylene(PP)/Glass Fiber
[Drain layer]:China Non-Woven Fabric / USA Non-Woven Fabric
[End cap]: Polypropylene(PP)
[Gasket]: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton
[Core]:  Polypropylene(PP)
Performance: [Max. Operating temperature]: 80℃
[Max. Operating DP]: 4.0Bar@21℃,2.4Bar@80℃.
Order Information
Series Number Romoval Rating Length CORE MEDIA SEAL OD
FWHFM3 0.5um=05 20"(508mm)=20 PP=P PP=P SILICONE=S 152mm
1um=1 40"(1016mm)=40 Glass Fiber=G EPDM=E
3um=3 60"(1524mm)=60 NBR=N
5um=5 VITON=V
For Example: FWHFM3-1-20-P-P-S
  The best combination of filter elements is carried out according to the filtering effect of filter elements and the requirements of inlet water quality. Generally, grade 4 to 5 is more appropriate. Generally speaking, the filter element used in the ultrafilter is mainly composed of ppcotton filter element, front and rear activated carbon filter element, ultrafiltration membrane filter element, RO membrane and so on. In the pure water machine, the filter element of the water purifier is mainly in the form of 4-5 levels of filtration, such as ppcotton + pre activated carbon + RO membrane + Post activated carbon. This kind of water purifier is more popular. Another type adopts the design of double membrane and double water outlet. The filter element is composed of ppcotton + activated carbon + ultrafiltration membrane + RO membrane + Post activated carbon, which is equivalent to a pure water machine + an ultrafiltration machine, and the water outlet is more guaranteed. Like angel a7lite large water purifier, it can not only provide pure water to drink directly when the tap is turned on, but also provide purified water for rice washing, vegetable washing, bowl washing, fruit washing and other scenes. The "all-round purification" feature from drinking water to water greatly facilitates the use of domestic water. The rear space grade nano whisker activated carbon filter element can effectively improve the taste and avoid the peculiar smell of water. It should be noted that the reverse osmosis filter element has the highest filtering accuracy at present, which is true, but the reverse osmosis filter element is expensive. Most of them are reluctant to use it if they use all reverse osmosis filter elements; Secondly, the reverse osmosis filter element has requirements for the inlet water quality. If the water quality is not good, it is easy to damage the reverse osmosis membrane, and the accumulation of impurities will damage the reverse osmosis membrane step by step, resulting in water leakage, poor water quality and other phenomena. Therefore, the number of filter elements to be used still needs to be configured according to the user's own conditions.

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