High Flow PK1 Series Pleated Filter Cartridge Eco-Friendly Replacement For Water Treatment

High Flow PK1 Series Filter Cartridges are made from depth fine PP or GF non-woven fabrics.The filter has a big diameter of 6 inch/152mm and no inner core, single open.The inside to outside flow pattern ensure that all the particles will be intercepted at the inside of the filter.The long service life and high flow rate result in low investment and less manpower in many applications.

Products Details

Product characteristics:
•  High filtration area, high flow rate.
•  With depth fine non-woven fabrics and scientific design, the filter has a good structure which has high dirt holding capacity, and result in long service life.
• 100% PP material makes the filter cartridge got excellent chemical compatibility. It is suitable for various liquid filtration.
Product specification:
Dimension: [Removal Rating]: 0.5um,1um,3um,5um,10um,20um,50um,75um,100um
[Length]:20"(508mm), 40"(1016mm), 60"(1524mm)
[OD]: Ø 152mm
Material of Constructions: [Media]: Polypropylene(PP)/Glass Fiber
[Drain layer]:China Non-Woven Fabric
[End cap]: Polypropylene(PP)
[Gasket]: Silicone, EPDM, NBR, Viton
[Core]:  Polypropylene(PP)
Performance: [Max. Operating temperature]: 80℃
[Max. Operating DP]: 4.0Bar@21℃,2.4Bar@80℃.
Order Information
Series Number Romoval Rating Length CORE MEDIA SEAL OD
FWHFPK1 0.5um=05 20"(508mm)=20 PP=P PP=P SILICONE=S 152mm
1um=1 40"(1016mm)=40 Glass Fiber=G EPDM=E
3um=3 60"(1524mm)=60 NBR=N
5um=5 VITON=V
For Example: FWHFPK1-1-20-P-P-S
  There are many styles and models of high flow melt blown filter element. Next, we mainly introduce the relevant information of a high flow filter element, mainly from the design, technology and flux, and more importantly, its ultra long service life. The melt blown filter element adopts polypropylene as raw material and forms a deep filter element with a certain aperture gradient after heating and melt spinning traction, which is produced at one time as a whole. The outer sparse and inner dense structure can evenly intercept pollutants of different sizes in the inner and outer layers of the filter element. It is often used for liquid pre filtration. 1. Horizontal pleating design and technology: As the core filter unit of the large flow filtration system, the large flow filter element adopts the horizontal folding technology to maximize the area of the filter medium in a limited space. At the same time, the folding technology can ensure that when the fluid passes through the filter element, each unit area of the filter medium has the fluid to pass through, so as to ensure that the area of the filter medium is completely converted into the effective filter area. 2. Flux exceeding 20 times of conventional filter element: The flow direction is smooth from the outside to the inside, and the inner diameter of the filter element is 3 inches, so that the maximum flow of a single filter element can reach 110 tons / hour. 3. Absolute filtering accuracy: The claimed accuracy and filtration efficiency of the high flow filter element is 99.9% at 5 microns. During the test of the filter element, the filtration efficiency of 5 microns is greater than 99.9%, and the filtration efficiency of 3 microns of particle impurities is also more than 99.5%. 4. Ultra long life filter element For traditional filter elements, it is often impossible to find an optimal balance between high filtration efficiency, high impurity holding capacity (dirt holding capacity) and service life. That is, if the filtration efficiency of the product is high, its pollution holding capacity and service life may often be short, and vice versa. Due to its own technical advantages and unique design, the large flow filter element has well balanced the relationship between filtration efficiency, dirt holding capacity and service life, achieved 99.9% absolute filtration efficiency, and the dirt holding capacity of a single filter element reaches 15kg.

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